Magic Monday – Physical Magic – Goodnight, fall

Foshdani Hahd

Physical adepts of the Fells engage in long training missions out in the mountains. Snowstorms in the Fells can strike with little warning during more than half of the year. It should come as no surprise, then, that a technique was developed to induce hibernation. An adept may use their precise internal control to lower their heart rates and body temperatures and enter a deep sleep, which ends when they are disturbed by some outside stimulus such as being moved roughly or the air temperature warming significantly. The obvious benefit is that this technique allows long-term survival without food, water, warmth, or even much air. The downside is that the torpor of hibernation leaves the practitioner weak and disoriented afterwards.

This Hahd technique requires below-freezing temperatures and a period of meditation that segues into increasingly deep slumber, which can last seemingly indefinitely – all consequences of cold exposure or going without food or water are slowed by at least a factor of ten. On waking, however, the practitioner finds all of their ability scores and resilience meters effectively halved (or reduced to one if they’re woken suddenly instead of allowed to come out of hibernation over a span of several hours). With good care, food, water, and light stretches and exercise, these penalties fade at the rate of four points a day; forced activity or bad conditions can reduce the recovery rate to one point per day.

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