When you write the right rite


Literally: warm – soft – kind – thick / kind

Alternately: Kind and gentle, considerate and loving.

Notes: This is a compound of compounds. 温柔 expresses a warm, mild disposition; 敦厚 is humanity and kindness. Similar terms include 温厚篤実.

This yojijukugo comes to us from our friend the Book of Rites (Chinese 禮記 or 礼记, Japanese 『礼記』= Raiki); apparently used by Confucius to describe the power of poetry to gently instruct and guide.


Google image search gifted me with this juxtaposition and honestly, I couldn’t ask for anything more.

About Confanity

I love the written word more than anything else I've had the chance to work with. I'm back in the States from Japan for grad school, but still studying Japanese with the hope of becoming a translator -- or writer, or even teacher -- as long as it's something language-related.
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