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Vanishing Point

There was nothing but the road. It was barely visible because the only hint of light was no more than a hole in the darkness somewhere unreachable ahead. Anything else that might have been was lost in a deep and … Continue reading

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Otherwise they’ll just make do with some energetic jumping, apparently.

Here’s one thematically similar to Sunday’s kotowaza: 窮鼠噛猫 kyuu.so.gou.byou Literally: destitute / suffering / cornered – mouse / rat – bite – cat Alternately: A cornered rat will bite at a cat. Those in desperate straits will become unexpectedly fierce. … Continue reading

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Emeralds to a sea cucumber. Platinum to a moose.

猫に小判 (Neko ni koban; “Gold coins to a cat”) Definition: Casting pearls before swine. No matter how valuable or useful something is, if you give it to someone who doesn’t understand its worth or use, then it won’t do them … Continue reading

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