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On canine tautologies

(In other news, water is wet.) 犬が西向きゃ尾は東 (Inu ga nishi mukya o wa higashi; “If a dog faces west, its tail points east.”) Definition: Self-evident. Blatantly matter-of-fact. Something is so obvious that it’s barely worth mentioning. Since a dog’s tail … Continue reading

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Runrise, runset, runrise, runset, swiftly fly the years

東奔西走 tou.hon.sei.sou Literally: east – run – west – run Alternately: Keeping busy. Being on the go. Actively involving oneself in something. Notes: There are a number of yojijukugo along the same lines, including 東走西奔 (tou.sou.sei.hon) and 東行西走 (tou.kou.sei.sou).

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