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I met a traveller from an antique land

朝顔の花一時 (Asagao no hana hitotoki; “The morning glory flower, a single moment”) Definition: Something’s peak or prime only lasts for a short time. Decline and entropy are all too easy. Like the morning glory flower that blooms at dawn and … Continue reading

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Magic Monday – A use for a pixie-crown

Happy-sky Charm By weaving long grasses, red or yellow flowers picked in sunlight, blue flowers picked in moonlight, and white flowers picked in starlight into a closed loop, a charm is created that is said to improve the wearer’s luck. … Continue reading

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Maslow would agree

Here’s another famous one: 花より団子 (Hana yori dango; “Dumplings before flowers”) Definition: People value things that address their concrete needs over more abstract, artistic considerations. It is better for something to be profitable or beneficial than merely pleasing. Substance is … Continue reading

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