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When True Seeing exfoliates

化けの皮が剥がれる (Bake no kawa ga hagareru; “The changeling skin is stripped away”) Definition: Someone’s wrongdoings, flaws, or malicious true nature come to light. A previously-hidden, negative truth is revealed. Someone (or everyone) realizes how bad a situation actually is after … Continue reading

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Ninety-nine problems and also another problem

When I first encountered this compound, I pictured it as a quaint conga line of traditional Japanese bakemono. Now all I can see is [redacted topical political comment]. 百鬼夜行 hya-.kki.ya.kou OR gyou Literally: hundred – oni (often translated “demon” or … Continue reading

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Protect your home – with spare animal bits!

Guardian Charms The Guardian Charms are a family of rituals used during the construction of houses. The primary charm involves burying a horse’s skull beneath the door frame, which makes it difficult for certain malevolent spirits (such as vampires) to … Continue reading

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