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“Our chain of love”

…but hard to shake once taken on 子は三界の首枷(Ko wa sangai no kubikase;“A child is a binding for all time”) Definition: A connection with a child is a strong bond that affects you for your entire life. Even after the logistical … Continue reading

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In loco?

心神耗弱 shin.shin.kou.jaku Literally: heart – soul – decrease – weak Alternately: Decreased mental capacity. Having lost the ability to judge right and wrong and act accordingly. This is actually a legal and medical term indicating diminished responsibility: that someone cannot … Continue reading

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Not even jackalopes, please

怪力乱神を語らず (Kairyoku ranshin wo katarazu; “Speaking not of spirits and demons”) Definition: A wise person does not indulge in talking about irrational or unreasonable things; a great person does not dabble in conspiracy or superstition. When you make an assertion, … Continue reading

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