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[Star Trek reboot reference]

This is why I check after every post goes up to make sure everything actually went as scheduled. 一寸先は闇 (Issun saki wa yami; “One sun ahead is darkness”) Definition: What lies before us, even an inch away, is darkness (metaphorically). … Continue reading

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How much tongue?

舌先三寸 shita.saki.san.zun Literally: tongue – before/tip – three – sun (pronounced like “soon”; a unit of measurement approximately equal to 1.19 in. or 3.03 cm) Alternately: Glib lies. Deceptive eloquence or flattery. The ability to control or influence people with … Continue reading

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Other Heavens

Other Heavens She shone for me like the sun, Bringing certain truths to a stretched-tight sky, Showing things according to her lights: The fire-freckles on rivers’ skins, The hues of crops arching high, The living, raging joy of fusion! She … Continue reading

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