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More likely when the person at the center is rotten

朝蠅暮蚊 chou.you.bo.bun Literally: morning – fly (the insect, not the verb) – evening – mosquito Alternately: A troublesome situation or gloomy atmosphere caused by an assemblage of narrow-minded, trivial people. Like being surrounded by clouds of flies in the morning … Continue reading

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Paul Ryan’s next plan for American health care

Nah, it would still cost rich people a bit of money. 二階から目薬 (Nikai kara megusuri; “Eye medicine from the second floor”) Definition: A frustrating situation where things don’t go as you want. Alternately, a roundabout way of doing things that … Continue reading

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Lucy in the pie

…with a 3D rendering of diamonds 絵に描いた餅 (E ni kaita mochi; “A rice cake drawn in a picture”) Definition: Something appealing that doesn’t actually do any good. Pie in the sky, to substitute a Western food. No matter how well-drawn … Continue reading

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