Magic Monday – A breath of strong air

Breath of Av-Beleren (Blast of Ufbalaran)

This peculiar spell is primarily used by the Order to teach novices the art of focus, and a certain breed of practicing wizards judge their fellows by whether they allow the knowledge to languish, or find applications outside of the academy. The magician must cup their hands and gather winds, restrain the increasing pressure of those winds trying to escape, and choose the right moment to set them free in a controlled blast. The demands placed on the magician’s body and mind can become very intense, but masters of the art have been known to produce incredible results.


The mechanics of this spell are a bit different from most: the base difficulty is d10, and the base cost is a single point of fatigue. However, a new check must be made for each round spent collecting winds; on a failure, the only consequence is gaining a single point of temporary fatigue or strain (at random). If the accumulation of fatigue or strain would impose a break or drop roll then instead, the magician loses control of the wind; they (and everyone within arm’s reach) are buffeted by an intense whirling blast that does 1d4 damage and threatens to knock them down with a Strength challenge; the wind has an effective Strength equal to the number of rounds the wind spent accumulating.

If the spell is released intentionally, then instead it forms a cone (again, with a Strength equal to the number of rounds it spent accumulating) extending away from the caster in a chosen direction, for a distance in meters equal to its Strength. Increasing the difficulty by a step (for each) allows experienced casters to control the shape of the wind when it is released (forming a jet or fan shape, for example, or even bending it around a single corner) or to split the wind into two separate cones of half Strength, one released from each hand. Increasing the difficulty by two steps allows the caster to double the rate of wind accumulation.

Tenzin Air Blast

I swear I wrote the original version of this spell years ago, before I’d seen any of the Avatar show at all. [Source: a Reddit thread via Image Search]

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