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How about when elephants fight?

疾風に勁草を知る (Shippuu ni keisou wo shiru; “In strong wind one learns of the strong grasses”) Definition: It is only after personally encountering hardships or trials that one truly understands the character and value of people who have already withstood those … Continue reading

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Miss Clavel ran fast, and faster

When you’re afraid of a disaster, don’t just sit still, that’s all I’m saying. 疾風迅雷 shi-.ppuu.jin.rai Literally: rapid – wind – swift – thunder Alternately: High winds and a violent thunderstorm. By extension, any situation that develops rapidly or changes … Continue reading

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And all for want of a horseshoe nail!

(Really, it goes backwards to the movement of the solar accretion disk… and beyond as well.) (大)風が吹けば桶屋が儲かる ((Oo)kaze ga fukeba okeya ga moukaru; “When the (strong) wind blows, bucket-makers prosper.”) Definition: A well-known saying that refers to unintended consequences or … Continue reading

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Magic Monday – A breath of strong air

Breath of Av-Beleren (Blast of Ufbalaran) This peculiar spell is primarily used by the Order to teach novices the art of focus, and a certain breed of practicing wizards judge their fellows by whether they allow the knowledge to languish, … Continue reading

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The Boy Who Would Kill the Wind

Time to start adding things again!  Here’s some short fiction.  Incidentally, I wrote this when I was in college, and later had it illustrated by the talented Ryan Armand.  In a further incident of unknown consequence, that image is this … Continue reading

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