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Magic Monday – the Sword of Eternal Guard

The Sword of Eternal Guard An ancient master forged this steel gladius-like blade and enchanted it so that it could not leave the hand of its wielder so long as a single enemy remained within ten paces. And even now, … Continue reading

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Magic Monday – the Sword of Life

(I’ve been slowly running out of steam on spell ideas for a while now… which is fine, all things considered. At some point it’ll be necessary to stop simply adding new things, especially when they start becoming variations on a … Continue reading

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Magic Monday – Put yourself into your work

Enliven Blade This is one of the few widely acknowledged rituals that can be performed unconsciously. It is known that proper care and attention from a wielder – and taking the lives of sentient beings – can leave traces on … Continue reading

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The Boy Who Would Kill the Wind

Time to start adding things again!  Here’s some short fiction.  Incidentally, I wrote this when I was in college, and later had it illustrated by the talented Ryan Armand.  In a further incident of unknown consequence, that image is this … Continue reading

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