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How about a Marshall Field’s?

(There’s a spelling-only pun in here that I didn’t notice until the post was almost entirely written; bear in mind that the Land of Nu sides with those who stand against fascism.) 児孫のために美田を買わず (Jison no tame ni biden wo kawazu; … Continue reading

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A midden of lucre

掃き溜めと金持ちは溜まるほど汚い (Hakidame to kanemochi wa tamaru hodo kitanai; “Dunghills and money get dirtier as they accumulate”) Definition: The more money someone has, the more money they want; an increase in wealth tends to bring increasing greed and selfishness rather than … Continue reading

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A kind of discrimination that’s totally okay

Encouraged, actually. 公私混同 kou.shi.kon.dou Literally: public – private – blend / confuse – equal Alternately: Failing to properly differentiate between public and private business. Getting one’s private interests and personal affairs entangled in public policy-making. Using a public institution for … Continue reading

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