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Row, row, row your bye

Gently down the WOLF CRYPTIDS?!?! 周章狼狽 shuu.shou.rou.bai Literally: circumference – badge/writing – wolf – wolf Alternately: Confusion and commotion; getting freaked out and not knowing what to do. Notes: This is another compound of compounds; both 周章 and 狼狽 on … Continue reading

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A Friday link: The power of (mis)translation

[Here’s the link] One of the blogs I follow is A Book of Creatures, which regularly introduces cryptids (animals that someone has said exist… that probably or definitely don’t in reality) from around the world. Many of these would make … Continue reading

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A Forging of Beasts

Heylo! I’m so pleased with the results of the last look at the Forge that I thought I’d have another go at it, this time in one of the specific fields (BeastForge). Skip down below if you just can’t wait. … Continue reading

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