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A Friday link: The power of (mis)translation

[Here’s the link] One of the blogs I follow is A Book of Creatures, which regularly introduces cryptids (animals that someone has said exist… that probably or definitely don’t in reality) from around the world. Many of these would make … Continue reading

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Magic Monday – God-eaters – The Sun-Rider

The Sun-Rider (The Hero; White Bull Rider) Description: Legend has it that the sun, an iridescent bull elephant of monstrous size, once roamed across the heavens at whim. This wreaked havoc on the land and seas below. The other gods … Continue reading

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Toddler Cognitive Development: Mirror Test

I read somewhere a while ago that some people did an experiment where they painted a spot on an elephant and showed it a mirror, and in response the elephant reached around with its trunk to touch, not the mirror, … Continue reading

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This one is dedicated to our upstairs neighbor and her loud 3 am parties. [wry] 前後不覚 zen.go.fu.kaku Literally: in front – behind – un- / not – sense / remember Alternately: Unconsciousness. Blacking out. Often used to describe being so drunk that … Continue reading

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