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Too hot for a cold reading

“Philosophers / must ultimately find / their true perfection // in knowing all / the follies of mankind / -by introspection.” – Piet Hein, Grooks, “The Ultimate Wisdom.” 陰陽師身の上知らず(On’youji mi no ue shirazu;“The diviner knows not their own fate”) Definition: … Continue reading

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The cruellest cheat

Yes, lying to the people is bad, and cheats them out of good things. But lying to yourself, and cheating yourself out of what you could have been, is far more cruel and far more permanent. 自己欺瞞 ji.ko.gi.man Literally: self … Continue reading

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Men, said the Devil

…They don’t want to mend their own ways, but each other’s* 六国を滅ぼす者は六国なり (Rikkoku wo horobosu mono wa rikkoku nari; “The one who destroys the six countries, is the six countries”) Definition: When a nation falls, it usually isn’t ultimately due … Continue reading

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Nosce te ipsum

彼を知り己を知れば百戦殆うからず (Kare wo shiri onore wo shireba hyakusen ayaukarazu; “When you know your opponent and yourself, you need not fear a hundred battles.”) Definition: If you know the strengths, weaknesses, and situation of yourself, your allies, and your foes, then … Continue reading

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Toddler Cognitive Development: Mirror Test

I read somewhere a while ago that some people did an experiment where they painted a spot on an elephant and showed it a mirror, and in response the elephant reached around with its trunk to touch, not the mirror, … Continue reading

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