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The cruellest cheat

Yes, lying to the people is bad, and cheats them out of good things. But lying to yourself, and cheating yourself out of what you could have been, is far more cruel and far more permanent. 自己欺瞞 ji.ko.gi.man Literally: self … Continue reading

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If possible, try to ween the exact right amount

Turns out it means “to suppose, to expect.” 驕る平家は久しからず (Ogoru Heike wa hisashikarazu; “The haughty Heike are not for long”) Definition: Pride comes before a fall, and outright arrogance is especially vulnerable. The more a person becomes full of themselves, … Continue reading

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Not the good kind

自暴自棄 ji.bou.ji.ki Literally: self – violence – self – abandon Alternately: Coming unmoored and lashing out, to the point of actually harming one’s own self or interests, in a surfeit of disillusionment or desperation. Impulsive and self-destructive flailing without regard … Continue reading

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