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A random generator for political comments

On one website that I visit once in a blue moon or two, there’s a silly little internet game you can play where you type a string of characters (it’s supposed to be a name, but what’s stopping you from … Continue reading

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A saying from Ni no Kuni?

Speechlessness of the White Witch 二の句が継げない (Ni no ku ga tsugenai; “A second word can’t follow”) Definition: Being dumbfounded. In a state of such complete shock or surprise that you can’t get words out even if you feel like you … Continue reading

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A GOP Parable: On Neighborliness

On one occasion, Drumpf stood up to test Jesus. He wasn’t an expert in the law, but he sure had opinions anyway. “Teacher,” he asked, “What must I do to gain a facade of basic human decency?” “What is written … Continue reading

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