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Magic Monday – Now you smell it?

Phantasm (Impose Dream; Inception; Hallucination) In contrast to the Painter’s Spell, which crafts an image for all to see, this spell summons a minor daydream and compels it to implant a full sensory experience into the mind of a single … Continue reading

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Magic Monday – Now you see it

Illusion (The Painter’s Spell) This extremely versatile spell changes the appearance of something – from a tiny object or detail, to an entire landscape. The Illusion spell is extremely limited, in that it cannot produce sounds, smells, or other non-visual … Continue reading

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Magic Monday – A trick of the light

Fool-The-Eye This pidgin illusion is commonly used by traveling conjurers to avoid being killed by bandits, wild beasts, or other potential wayside troubles. Fool-The-Eye requires that the caster gesture continuously with one hand, presumably while dodging and weaving to evade … Continue reading

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