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Magic Monday – Campaign Concept – The Fire From Down Below

This post was brought to you by the very fun “You’re Welcome” song from Moana. I’ve talked before about an “unlocking” campaign, in which the main draw is to explore and plan, negotiate and fight, and acquire new tools that … Continue reading

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Challenge accepted: Artifact dash

Today I finally got around to readingĀ a post from a couple of months ago over at an RPG blog called Semper Initiativus Unum about “megadungeons and artifacts.” As is generally the case when I write this kind of post, a … Continue reading

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Megadungeon Idea: Vertical Highway/Abyss

Preamble A common setting for D&D adventures is the dungeon: an enclosed, usually underground space, divided into rooms and hallways and so on, filled with monsters (some sentient and some not; not all of them necessarily hostile), traps, and treasure, … Continue reading

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