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Leaving the ivory tower

What is the tower of practical applications made out of? Tungsten? 知行合一chi.kou.gou.itsu Literally: know – act – join – one Alternately: One’s knowledge and deeds are in accordance. One’s actions must be guided by one’s knowledge, and knowledge only has … Continue reading

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Even Perlman?

論より証拠(Ron yori shouko;“Proof over theory”) Definition: The proof of the pudding is in the eating. Things tend to be clarified more by evidence than by arguing or philosophizing about them. Concrete examples are the first step and foundation when trying … Continue reading

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Castles in the (hot) air

口では大坂の城も建つ (Kuchi de wa Oosaka no shiro mo tatsu; “Even Osaka Castle can be built in words”) Definition: Mighty deeds are easy to talk about, but hard to actually accomplish. “Easier said than done.” Breakdown: We begin with the noun … Continue reading

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