Magic Monday – What HAS it got in its pocketses?

Conjurer’s Pocket

Proving once again that convenience is more highly prized than safety, this rote carries several risks but is still used to reduce the weight of several logistical considerations, whether the magician is on the road or just simplifying routine tasks at home. The magician marks some of their possessions and leaves them in a specially-prepared receptacle; later they may be called to hand in an instant across almost any distance. However, the threads that connect the “pocket” and the hand may be seen in the Shadow, especially near each end of the connection.

Preparing the receptacle has a difficulty of d8 and requires an investment of a point of fatigue, which may not be recovered as long as it remains active as a “pocket.” Marking an object has a difficulty of d6, and similarly requires an investment of a point of strain, which may not be recovered for as long as the object remains marked. Calling an object to hand requires no spell roll, but may require a d6 Concentration check, and costs one point of strain per step of distance, starting at no cost from within the same room. The cost to call an object can be decreased by a step, but this increases the receptacle and marking difficulties by one step each. Returning an object costs the same as calling it, and always demands a Concentration check.

Anything that can interact with the Shadow – including other magicians who know this spell, if they notice the signs that it’s in use – may notice and interact with the pocket’s thread(s), including cutting them or attempting to intercept a called object. Generally this sort of shenanigans requires a challenge roll between the magician and whatever is interfering. In extreme cases, beings within the Shadow may even attempt to follow the thread into the mortal plane!

(One inspiration, among several.)

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