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A harder love

A harder love than frost I love the autumn: The smell of leaves’ new colors, The golds, yellows, reds, The play of warmth and coolness, The wonder of birds in flight. You are my autumn. You are bright leaves on … Continue reading

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An autumn all the more lovely for being free of raiders from the north

This isn’t a kotowaza in the normal sense of an adage or precept; it’s just an expression. But I’ve loved it since I learned it, and thought I’d take this opportunity to share. 天高く馬肥ゆる秋 (Ten takaku uma koyuru aki; “High-heavened, … Continue reading

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Godot. Guffman. Superman. The Man.

Hoping for fall – and cooler weather – to come soon. 一日三秋 ichi.jitsu.san.shuu Literally: one – day – three – autumn(s) Alternately: A single day seems like three years. Each moment seems to drag on. Waiting impatiently. Notes: The first … Continue reading

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