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Pride cometh

Every castle is undefeated… for some while! 難攻不落 nan.kou.fu.raku Literally: difficult – attack – not – fall Alternately: Nigh impervious to assault. Difficult even to attack, much less to actually bring down, like a near-impregnable castle. By extension, a situation … Continue reading

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A harder love

A harder love than frost I love the autumn: The smell of leaves’ new colors, The golds, yellows, reds, The play of warmth and coolness, The wonder of birds in flight. You are my autumn. You are bright leaves on … Continue reading

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Beasts at the gates!

前門の虎後門の狼 (Zenmon no tora koumon no ookami; “A tiger at the front gate, a wolf at the rear”) Definition: “Out of the frying pan, into the fire.” While you were driving away a tiger at the front gate, a wolf … Continue reading

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