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Magic Monday – Don’t try this at home, kids

Heart’s Blood This ritual is related to the Altar-Chant and, despite being far more benign to others than its cousin, is similarly suppressed by the Order, albeit to a lesser degree. This is the spell by which a magician may … Continue reading

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Magic Monday – A cult classic!

Altar-Chant Here’s a spell for your standard evil ritual, performed by maddened (or rapidly maddening) devotees of dark deities. Sometimes what you want to do with your magic is possible in theory, but impractical or impossible due to the cost. … Continue reading

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The blood doesn’t fall far from the tree?

This week is an echo of sorts, as I realized part-way through. 血は争えない (Chi wa arasoenai; “You can’t fight your blood”) Definition: There’s no point trying to deny one’s heritage. “The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree,” as the … Continue reading

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Magic Monday – Nothing says “keep out” quite like it

Shun-Rune A vicious spell that requires a blood sacrifice. The caster must kill a living being, or find a fresh kill, and allow its blood to spill on the ground. They must dip a finger in the blood and draw … Continue reading

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