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Somebody remind the CEOs

Isaac Newton: “If I have seen further it is by standing on the shoulders of Giants.”A plutocrat: “… I went to space. Best day ever!” 一将功成りて万骨枯る(Isshoukou narite bankotsu karu;“A general achieves glory; ten thousand bones dry out”) Definition: For each … Continue reading

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Kenshi’s gambit

背に腹は代えられぬ (Se ni hara wa kaerarenu; “The belly can’t take the place of the back”) Definition: If something is vitally important, then other things may need to be sacrificed on its behalf, even if they are also important in their … Continue reading

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An all-new take on the ant and the grasshopper

大の虫を生かして小の虫を殺す (Dai no mushi wo ikashite shou no mushi wo korosu; “Let the large bug live, and kill the small”) Definition: Sacrificing small considerations so that the large may survive. Cutting off a part so that the whole may live, … Continue reading

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Magic Monday – A cult classic!

Altar-Chant Here’s a spell for your standard evil ritual, performed by maddened (or rapidly maddening) devotees of dark deities. Sometimes what you want to do with your magic is possible in theory, but impractical or impossible due to the cost. … Continue reading

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A How for Pow (RPG magic)

What would you give up for magical powers? Your health? Your physical strength or speed? Your sanity? Your ability to connect with the people around you? Here’s an idea for an alternate, relatively system-neutral rule for magic in RPGs. The … Continue reading

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