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In honor of the coming era

外交辞令 gai.kou.ji.rei Literally: outside – mix – word – decree Alternately: Tact and flattery. Phrasing a message to most please the listener, or going out of your way to praise and compliment them, without any sincere intent beyond the desire … Continue reading

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High fructose corn syrup and lasers!

More mildly, Stevia and sharpened spoons? 口に蜜あり腹に剣あり (Kuchi ni mitsu ari hara ni ken ari; “Honey in the mouth and a sword in the gut”) Definition: Saying things that sound good, but secretly harboring malice or enmity. Honeyed words and … Continue reading

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Pretty words, pretty face, ugly heart

巧言令色 kou.gen.rei.shoku Literally: skill – word – command – color Alternately: Flattery. Blandishment. Pretty words and ingratiating facial expressions, usually backed by a desire to deceive or manipulate. Making nice with someone but hiding ill intent. Notes: This yojijukugo comes … Continue reading

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