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Butter, no; steel, yes

衆口金を鑠かす (Shuukou kin wo tokasu; “The mouths of the masses melt metal.”) Definition: Rumor and slander tend to get worse as they spread. The power of many people all talking about something is to be feared, because even correct information … Continue reading

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By their fruits you will know them

By their refrigerated, long-distance-shipped fruits? 悪事千里を走る (Akuji senri wo hashiru; “Bad deeds run a thousand leagues”) Definition: When you do bad things, the rumors spread rapidly throughout society. News of evildoing soon reaches a distance of a thousand ri. There’s … Continue reading

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Now flying at the speed of internet

流言蜚語 ryuu.gen.hi.go Literally: flow – word – cockroach – speech Alternately: Baseless rumors. Canards. Notes: The rare character 蜚 may be replaced with homophone 飛 (“fly”), but why would you want to do that?

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