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The impossible wisdom

…of, you know, not deliberately endangering people. 明哲保身mei.tetsu.ho.shin Literally: bright – clear / philosophy – preserve – person Alternately: The wise and rational person avoids danger and thus remains safe. Alternately (through a common misinterpretation of 保身), this phrase may … Continue reading

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A tip for an umbrella

濡れぬ先の傘 (Nurenu saki no kasa; “(Opening) an umbrella before getting wet”) Definition: Thorough advance preparation. Like opening an umbrella before any rain has even started falling. Prevention is better than cure; better early than late. Breakdown: We begin with the … Continue reading

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Waft your way to a win?

身を捨ててこそ浮かぶ瀬もあれ (Mi wo sutete koso ukabu se mo are; “There are rivers that you cross by throwing away your body”) Definition: Sometimes facing danger head-on is the only way to escape it. There are times when you need to be … Continue reading

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