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Blue sea, Red Cliffs, pale blue dot

滄海の一粟 (Soukai no ichizoku; “A single grain of millet in the deep blue sea”) Definition: Something incredibly small in the middle of something something incredibly big. A needle in a haycontinent. Metaphorically, the trifling, ephemeral existence of humans within the … Continue reading

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Keeping the mood, and the pocket, light

軽薄短小 kei.haku.tan.shou Literally: light – dilute – short – small Alternately: Of a thing: small and light. By metaphorical extension, a person whose character is shallow; a hollow person with no substance to them. Notes: The physical meaning has apparently … Continue reading

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That’s what she said?

大は小を兼ねる (Dai wa shou wo kaneru; “The large does the work of the small”) Definition: Something that is more can do the work of something that is less. Better too much than too little. It is possible to use a … Continue reading

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