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Serendipitous learning… about farts!

This afternoon I unexpectedly learned something new about Japanese language and culture. In my family we’ve been making a point of watching anime together as a family, for entertainment and for Japanese practice. This isn’t just passive consumption of media, … Continue reading

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Fair of skin, unfair of… other things

色の白いは七難隠す (Iro no shiroi wa shichinan kakusu; “White skin hides many flaws.”) Definition: There’s all sorts of baggage here! This kotowaza is literally saying that if a woman’s skin is sufficiently pale, then that alone makes her so beautiful that … Continue reading

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Not a vital value: 味

(I kid, I kid.) 和敬清寂 wa.kei.sei.jaku Literally: harmony – respect – purity – silence / loneliness Alternately: A term from tea ceremony (茶道, sadou). The host and guests (are supposed to) create a pure (清) and tranquil (寂) atmosphere within … Continue reading

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