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When Awwww becomes Eugggh

可愛さ余って憎さ百倍 (Kawaisa amatte nikusa hyakubai; “Excessive fondness, hundredfold hatred”) Definition: If you had an overabundance of positive feelings toward someone and then something happens that arouses negative feelings, then the resulting hatred is proportionally overwhelming. “The greatest hate springs from … Continue reading

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Toddler Cognitive Development: And then the questions began.

(Note: Because we’re working on raising the kid Japanese/English bilingual, pretty much all my conversations with him these days are about 99% in Japanese. I render everything below in English for simplicity’s sake.) So the kid’s thing, recently, has been … Continue reading

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Magic Monday – God-eaters – Id

Id (Old Man Fear; The Orb of Serenity, The Black Mirror) Description: The Black Mirror is an utterly immobile sphere of a hard, translucent-black material, shot through in its depths with faint suggestions of color. It floats at about chest-height … Continue reading

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All the feels, all the grudges

多情多恨 ta.jou.ta.kon Literally: many – emotion – many – regret / resentment / hatred Alternately: Easily swayed by one’s emotions, and therefore prone to resentment or sadness. Wearing one’s heart on one’s sleeve, and suffering as a result.

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All four of them

喜怒哀楽 ki.do.ai.raku Literally: joy – anger – sorrow – ease/pleasure Alternately: Human emotions. The range of human emotions. All of a person’s emotions.

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