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When Awwww becomes Eugggh

可愛さ余って憎さ百倍 (Kawaisa amatte nikusa hyakubai; “Excessive fondness, hundredfold hatred”) Definition: If you had an overabundance of positive feelings toward someone and then something happens that arouses negative feelings, then the resulting hatred is proportionally overwhelming. “The greatest hate springs from … Continue reading

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We meet again, Mr. Bond

怨憎会苦 on.zou.e.ku Literally: resentment – hate – meet – suffering Alternately: The pain of coming face-to-face with someone you detest, or at least dislike. This is another one of the “eight sufferings” of 四苦八苦. Notes: While I’d have thought that … Continue reading

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As recently as this morning

(This.) 坊主憎けりゃ袈裟まで憎い (Bouzu nikukerya kesa made nikui; “If you hate a priest, even the priestly robe is loathsome”) Definition: If you hate somebody or something, then all too often you also start to dislike neutral things that you associate with … Continue reading

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Magic Monday – How ’bout the power to kill a yak from 200 yards away… with MIND BULLETS!

Blade of Hate The caster’s wish to harm an enemy is manifested as an invisible cutting force that projects wherever they direct their gaze. Any target must be fully visible to the caster; intervening obstacles will take damage instead of … Continue reading

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