Magic Monday – How ’bout the power to kill a yak from 200 yards away… with MIND BULLETS!

Blade of Hate

The caster’s wish to harm an enemy is manifested as an invisible cutting force that projects wherever they direct their gaze. Any target must be fully visible to the caster; intervening obstacles will take damage instead of the intended target until they have been cleared away, possibly by the Blade’s work.

The casting has a base difficulty of d4 and costs three strain; maintaining the spell requires constant concentration, and costs two more strain each round it is manifested. (Casting and manifestation costs can each be reduced by one by increasing the difficulty by three steps.) Each round, the caster may manifest the Blade to slash a target for 1d6 damage. This does not take an action, but the needs to concentrate and to look intently at the target will usually limit what actions the caster may take.

The Blade’s effects can manifest as far away as ten times the caster’s skill with the spell in meters. This range can be doubled by increasing the difficulty one step.

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