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Magic Monday – Physical magic – I’m’a cut you!

    Hamonnoah Hahd (Embladen; Spirit Sword; Psiblade) Physical adepts of the Fells often fight bare-handed, and when resorting to weapons they often fight with sticks instead of metal weapons. That doesn’t mean they can’t cut things when they need … Continue reading

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Magic Monday – How ’bout the power to kill a yak from 200 yards away… with MIND BULLETS!

Blade of Hate The caster’s wish to harm an enemy is manifested as an invisible cutting force that projects wherever they direct their gaze. Any target must be fully visible to the caster; intervening obstacles will take damage instead of … Continue reading

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With single solitary blade, the samurai his entrance made

単刀直入 tan.tou.choku.nyuu Literally: simple/single – sword – direct/frankness/repair – enter Alternately: Charging into a mass of enemies with just one sword to protect you. Getting straight to the point. Being direct instead of roundabout. Saying something point-blank without niceties or … Continue reading

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