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Like chopping radishes with Excalibur

大根を正宗で切る (Daikon wo Masamune de kiru; “To cut a daikon with a Masamune”) Definition: Overkill. Bringing force, talent, or material to a job or problem far in excess of what is actually needed; often, assigning a task to someone who … Continue reading

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Battou-jutsu and the Gordion Knot

一刀両断 i-.ttou.ryou.dan Literally: one – sword – both – sever Alternately: Cutting something in two with a single stroke of the sword (a harder feat than you might think, if you’ve consumed a lot of pop fantasy and never practiced … Continue reading

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But, what if you have both a sword AND a pen?

A good, balanced approach to life. 文武両道 bun.bu.ryou.dou Literally: sentence/missive/literature – military/warrior – two/both – road/way/teaching Alternately: Both the military and the literary arts. A person who excels at both athletic endeavors (especially, but limited to, martial arts) and scholarship. … Continue reading

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With single solitary blade, the samurai his entrance made

単刀直入 tan.tou.choku.nyuu Literally: simple/single – sword – direct/frankness/repair – enter Alternately: Charging into a mass of enemies with just one sword to protect you. Getting straight to the point. Being direct instead of roundabout. Saying something point-blank without niceties or … Continue reading

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