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The scarecrow’s final blade

紫電一閃 shi.den.i-.ssen Literally: purple – electricity – one – flash Alternately: The light that glints from a sword being brandished. By extension, an extremely short moment of time; a single instant. By extension, a dramatic change that happens in very … Continue reading

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Magic Monday: AI Magic 4

Week 4: Tools of War Many say that the best magicians are those with a wide repertoire of spells that allow them to control a situation without any need for violence. But many also say that the longest-lived magicians are … Continue reading

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A sinister retirement package

If you’re a lefty, do you substitute in 右? 左団扇で暮らす (Hidari uchiwa de kurasu; “Living with a fan in your left hand”) Definition: Living a life of ease and relaxation. A lifestyle without stress or worry. The image invoked is … Continue reading

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Magic Monday – And that’s how you get a rabbit out of a hat!

Spirit Call Spirit-calling is a magical tradition widely practiced in the Clanlands to the east of the Sianin Mountains. It requires substantial indoctrination before it can be practiced properly. When a would-be conjurer’s training is complete, a sponsor must perform … Continue reading

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