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Not “as mysterious as the dark side of the moon”

(The closest to that seems to be 難知如陰, “as hard to know as a shadow.”) 風林火山 fuu.rin.ka.zan Literally: wind – woods – fire – mountain Alternately: The principle of dealing with things according to what’s most appropriate to the situation … Continue reading

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Magic Monday: AI Magic 4

Week 4: Tools of War Many say that the best magicians are those with a wide repertoire of spells that allow them to control a situation without any need for violence. But many also say that the longest-lived magicians are … Continue reading

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A Tale from Clevaria

In the time of the god-king, lord of the sky, director of rain, clouds, and wind, whose name was secret, emissaries came from the plains to Clevaria. They worshipped strange gods of earth, and carried one with them in a … Continue reading

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