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YAOSC: Time to build some magic

Background Recently I’ve been putting renewed thought into my fantasy heartbreaker RPG; in this case, the long-deferred question of how the magic system will actually work. My Magic Monday series has ended up as a sort of catch-all for fantasy RPG … Continue reading

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Setting Idea: The Pious Barbarians

Fantasy literature and gaming are full to the brim with main characters living on the outside of some almost unbelievably advanced civilization that they only catch glimpses of through a handful of its members and artifacts. A few examples, just … Continue reading

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Meters, Made

This is another post on what seems to be turning into a series of re-imaginings of D&D-style RPG play. In fact, I’ve gone to Obsidian Portal and started creating a wiki in order to keep everything organized; for the curious, it can … Continue reading

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