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Everyone knows they prefer accordions

牛に対して琴を弾ず (Ushi ni tai shite koto wo danzu; “Playing a koto for a cow”) Definition: No matter what you say to a fool, your words are wasted. Even the most moving stories or the most edifying sermon, or the most … Continue reading

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Magic Monday: AI Magic 3

Week 3: Magical Happyfun Singalong Time This is the old magic, the magic of voice and drum. Words are magic, and math is magic, and some spells combine these in the sorcery of song. Strict GMs may require a Perform … Continue reading

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The old razzle-dazzle

歌舞音曲 ka.bu.on.kyoku Literally: sing – dance – sound – melody Alternately: Song and dance. Especially, a public performance of singing and dancing. More generally, performance or play using any of the flashy arts.

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