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The hammer of kindness

鑿と言えば槌(Nomi to ieba tsuchi;“When [asked for] a chisel, [one also brings a] mallet”) Definition: To be intelligent and thoughtful in all things – as a description, or as an imperative. If someone asks you to bring them a chisel, having … Continue reading

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Thoughtful social distancing

遠慮会釈en.ryo.e.shaku Literally: far – thought – meet – explain Alternately: Holding back and thinking of others; reserve and consideration. Notes: This is a compound of compounds; 遠慮 is “discretion,” “restraint,” and 会釈 is “thoughtfulness (for the sake of others.” These … Continue reading

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Think, think, think

思慮分別 shi.ryo.fun.betsu Literally: think – consider – part – separate Alternately: Making judgments based on careful consideration. Thinking deeply about the merits of a situation and only then deciding. Notes: Again we have two two-character words of related meaning compounded … Continue reading

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