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Ambition is for the birds

燕雀安くんぞ鴻鵠の志を知らんや (Enjaku izukunzo koukoku no kokorozashi wo shiran ya; “How could the swallow or sparrow understand the goose or swan?”) Definition: People of lowly character or small ability don’t, and can’t, understand the thought processes and ambitions of those with … Continue reading

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If brains were bombs

…would it blow your mind? 目から鼻へ抜ける (Me kara hana e nukeru; “From the eyes to the nose”) Definition: Able to understand things or grasp a situation almost immediately. Quick-witted; quick on one’s feet. Highly intelligent. Breakdown: We begin with the … Continue reading

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Kindred spirits, thrown together

意気投合 i.ki.tou.gou Literally: mind – spirit – throw – join Alternately: Getting along with someone really well. Hitting it off. Finding a kindred spirit. Mutual understanding. Perfect concordance. Note: For some reason it’s easy for me to start thinking that … Continue reading

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