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Sal mirabilis

博引旁証 haku.in.bou.shou Literally: extensive – pull – to the side – evidence Alternately: As one member or side of a dispute or controversy, supporting one’s case by citing an extensive body of examples or material. Presenting a solid, perhaps overwhelming, … Continue reading

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See also: obstruction of justice

証拠隠滅 shou.ko.in.metsu Literally: proof – foothold / based on – conceal – destroy Alternately: Destruction, suppression, or concealment of evidence. This phrase may be used metaphorically, but is most commonly encountered as actual criminal-justice jargon. Notes: Some legal contexts may … Continue reading

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Magic Monday – Literally above the law

Miniature Judgment A Miniature Judgment is a set of figurines dressed as clan elders from a long-passed age, carved of dark, highly-polished wood. If arranged on an appropriate dais, altar, or other foundation, they have the ability to impose a … Continue reading

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Divine/Arcane Divide

I’ve added Ten Foot Polemic to my RSS feed, and spent a little while trawling back through the archives. While there are a few things there that aren’t entirely my cup of tea, it’s creative and inspiring enough that I … Continue reading

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