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And still the generations of the birds sing through our sighing

(Elizabeth Barret Browning, “Patience Taught by Nature”) 鳴くまで待とう時鳥(Naku made matou hototogisu;“We shall wait until it sings – The lovely cuckoo”) Definition: An expression of patience, of waiting for something good to happen or a good opportunity to arise. If the … Continue reading

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In preparation for Thanksgiving

…a rule that Americans traditionally break shatter. 腹八分目に医者要らず (Hara hachibunme ni isha irazu; “At the belly’s eighth part, no need for doctors”) Definition: It’s better for your health to not eat until you’re stuffed, but rather to stop before your … Continue reading

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Like yourself; like Mt. Tai

泰然自若 tai.zen.ji.jaku Literally: calm – “sort of thing” – self – (young) / similar Alternately: Unflappable. Calm and self-controlled. Notes: This is another compound of synonymous compounds; 泰然 means “composed; unmoved,” while 自若 means “self-possessed.” This yojijukugo has a number … Continue reading

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