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When your stat spread make you crabby

蟹は甲羅に似せて穴を掘る (Kani wa koura ni nisete ana wo horu; “A crab digs its hole to match its shell”) Definition: People think and act according to their personal circumstances and abilities. Just as a small crab will dig a small burrow … Continue reading

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Poetry. Poetry never changes.

What falls away is always? 不易流行 fu.eki.ryuu.kou Literally: not – simple / divination / change – flow – go Alternately: One of Bashō’s principles for writing haiku: that the essence of haiku lies in both the unchanging (不易) and in … Continue reading

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Zen and the art of shining a footlight

脚下照顧 kya-.kka.shou.ko Literally: leg – below – illuminate – look back Alternately: Make time to look within. More literally, “make sure to look carefully under your own feet.” 照顧 is a Zen Buddhist term for consideration, reflection, introspection. This is … Continue reading

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A Raven, to a Wren

A Raven, to a Wren Bound about by this city, smog, steel, Brother and sister bird-chicks, blindly dreaming flight under its gray sky-shell Feeling the outer world invisible, closed and open spaces, winds and havens What can we do, as … Continue reading

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