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The opposite of charmed

引かれ者の小唄 (Hikaremono no kouta; “The ballad of someone being pulled along”) Definition: Putting on a brave face in the face of despair; refusing to admit defeat in a seemingly impossible situation; defiant confidence against overwhelming odds. Like someone condemned for … Continue reading

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Out of rain, out of brain

雨晴れて笠を忘れる (Ame harete kasa wo wasureru; “The rain stops and you forget your umbrella (hat)”) Definition: As soon as a painful situation is over, the help one received is forgotten. When rain is threatening or falling people make sure to … Continue reading

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But in Bizarro World, everything is great!

If you live in a democracy, be in touch with your representatives. Even if you live in a country where things are going fine, be in touch and let them know you’re paying attention. It turns out that taking the … Continue reading

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