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A looming opportunity

好機到来kou.ki.tou.rai Literally: pleasing – loom / opportunity – arrive – come Alternately: A golden opportunity arrives. The time is ripe for something good, with perhaps the implication that it’s an unparalleled and therefore unique opportunity. Notes: Compare and contrast 千載一遇, … Continue reading

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If you want to get away from it all but hate cabbages

羊裘垂釣 you.kyuu.sui.chou Literally: sheep – [clothing made of animal skin and/or fur] – dangle – fishing Alternately: To avoid the vulgar world of common society and live as a hermit. To live wearing animal skins and fish in streams for … Continue reading

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Magic Monday – A spell for finding Nemo?

Old Salt Song This song, or chant, is an example of hedge-magic: a ritual, or slow-cast spell, primarily preserved and practiced by common folk rather than academics or specialists. Every fishing village or port town along the coast of the … Continue reading

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