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If you want good fruit, sleep on it

果報は寝て待て (Kahou wa nete mate; “For good fortune, sleep, wait.”) Definition: Good fortune will come of its own accord, in its own time, so it’s best to prepare and patiently wait for it rather than fretting or trying to force … Continue reading

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Three men CAN keep a secret

…if they’re tzaddikim and the secret is hidden helpfulness 陰徳陽報 in.toku.you.hou Literally: yin/negative/shadow/secret – virtue – yang/positive/sunlight – reward Alternately: Performing acts of benevolence and charity in secret will nonetheless benefit the doer. It’s tempting to publicize one’s good deeds … Continue reading

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The law of cause and fruit

Continuing the theme from Sunday’s kotowaza…. 因果応報 in.ga.ou.hou Literally: cause – fruit / reward – answer – news / reward Alternately: The law of karma. What goes around comes around. What returns to you is good or ill depending on … Continue reading

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