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Fire Down Below – … and Time …

Last week we looked at surface turns, and what the heroes left behind in town on the surface could do. This week, we’ll follow the ones who venture downward. Divvying up Time: in the Underworld For heroes on an expedition … Continue reading

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Fire Down Below – Time…

It’s all well and good to build a character, but next you need a method for actual play. We’ll get into this by dividing up time and using it to do stuff. Divvying up Time: on the Surface For the … Continue reading

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Save perhaps Eärendil at the Door of Night

送る月日に関守なし (Okuru tsukihi ni sekimori nashi; “Time has no gatekeeper”) Definition: Time passes quickly. There is no guard blocking the paths of months and days, and they cannot be stopped. “Time and tide wait for no one.” Breakdown: We begin … Continue reading

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Magic Monday – Thoughts on Timing

(I picked up YAOSC and tinkered with it in the winter, then put it down… for the whole spring semester. It’s high time I picked it back up for more tinkering, at least for the duration of the summer. I’ll … Continue reading

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Setting: A Cultural Miscellany for Fair Vickelt

Languages The large part of the Archipelago’s business is conducted in a pidgin tongue called Pata Ila.  Every island speaks a different dialect, but in general any one speaker can understand any other.  Pata Ila shares a number of points … Continue reading

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