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Save perhaps Eärendil at the Door of Night

送る月日に関守なし (Okuru tsukihi ni sekimori nashi; “Time has no gatekeeper”) Definition: Time passes quickly. There is no guard blocking the paths of months and days, and they cannot be stopped. “Time and tide wait for no one.” Breakdown: We begin … Continue reading

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Magic Monday – Thoughts on Timing

(I picked up YAOSC and tinkered with it in the winter, then put it down… for the whole spring semester. It’s high time I picked it back up for more tinkering, at least for the duration of the summer. I’ll … Continue reading

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Setting: A Cultural Miscellany for Fair Vickelt

Languages The large part of the Archipelago’s business is conducted in a pidgin tongue called Pata Ila.  Every island speaks a different dialect, but in general any one speaker can understand any other.  Pata Ila shares a number of points … Continue reading

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