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Challenge accepted: Artifact dash

Today I finally got around to reading a post from a couple of months ago over at an RPG blog called Semper Initiativus Unum about “megadungeons and artifacts.” As is generally the case when I write this kind of post, a … Continue reading

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Toddler Linguistic Development: Sentences!

The kid has been building up his vocabulary in both English and Japanese, of course, and at some point started stringing words together. At first, if I recall, it was a couple of stock phrases like “all done,” then rudimentary … Continue reading

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A random generator for political comments

On one website that I visit once in a blue moon or two, there’s a silly little internet game you can play where you type a string of characters (it’s supposed to be a name, but what’s stopping you from … Continue reading

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Questions about high school, dux and redux

Here’s a list of questions about one’s high school days that I saw on Facebook recently. For the sake of being completionist, I’ve answered them, but the real meat of my response is below. 1. Did you know your spouse? … Continue reading

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A learning mechanic for YAOSC

Some readers may remember that I’ve got my own “fantasy heartbreaker” tabletop RPG system perpetually on the back burner, whimsically titled YAOSC (Yet Another Old-School Clone). The basic design elements for most action resolution are: Roll equal to or under your … Continue reading

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America Food for America Day!

For the Fourth of July, we didn’t do anything special. There was some sort of musical event downtown starting at dusk, capped off with fireworks at about 10pm. But the kid’s bedtime is at 8:00, so it was unclear whether … Continue reading

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A GOP Parable: You Reap what you Boar

When Jesus arrived at the other side, in the region of the Gadarenes, he was met by a demon-possessed faction coming from the swamp. They were so obstructionist that no useful governance could pass that way. “What do you want … Continue reading

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